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The Godfather was good! Not my favorite film, but brilliantly shot, directed, acted (for the most part, there were a couple pretty hammy scenes). I guess I’ll watch Part II some time later this week, which is supposedly better than the first, so that’s something to look forward to.

The only thing I wasn’t really square on at the end was how Connie’s husband was involved in Sonny’s death? I guess he picked a fight with Connie that night so she would call Sonny and he would get stopped at the toll booth and get shot? I dunno, even if that’s not what happened, that works in my mind.

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I’m watching The Godfather and it’s really making me want to drink wine

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Work was good! I did cashwrap all night, but there was like basically no one there, so I was bored most of the day.

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I called and I got the assistant manager and she laughed and said it actually worked out well that I made that mistake today and to come in 5-close, so I guess it worked out okay!

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